“ASOCA" Eco-plastic Introduction

An innovative composite PE material “ASOCA” can save the earth from environmental pollution!!!


We all know that presently the earth is having several disasters from air pollution, climate change, tsunami, earthquakes etc. And one of the major problems is plastic wastes that are already killing mass marine life; pollute seashore and human being too. The scientists have just found that the sea salts we eat everyday are found under microscope with tiny plastic practical in almost all the salts! And all these plastic problems can be resolved by our biodegradable material ASOCA!

planet earth
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Our research team, headed by Dr. Hsiao, has found that marine life organic calcium consisting of chitin is a vital natural antibiotic finishing agent. It is from natural cowries, crab shells, shrimp shells, fish bones, oyster shells and insects. When chitins are removed 55% and more of Acetyl, it becomes a vital antibiotic derivative called chitosan. It has an excellent adhesion, biocompatibility, Biodegradability, non-toxin and absorbability.

Among them all, the oyster shells consisted 95% of calcium carbonate, after calcination, it transforms into Calcium Oxide, which has a PH value over 12, a very strong alkali substance.


Now, the constant value of oyster shell powder kills germs much higher than Sodium hydroxide, moreover, the tinier the powder, the stronger the antibiotics strength, for example, the constant value of sodium hydroxide antibiotics of 2 × 10-4 k is far less than the oyster powder after calcination of 4 × 10-3 k. Such experiments confirm that oyster powder after calcination not only a strong alkaline it also has a mechanism of Bacteriostatic.


We find that oyster shell powder mixing with far infrared materials and PE would produce a composite new material “ASOCA” that are nontoxic, biodegradable. It can make into all kinds of products including plastic bags, straws, drug bottles, clothes, over tens of thousands usages of any plastic products except for PET bottles, (Polyethylene terephthalate) and even for melamine wares. During the production process of Asoca , the alkyl chain are somehow broken so that the microorganism would love to it. And after discarded, as much as 95% will be disappeared from the face of earth within 6 months buried under ground or in the water or exposed under sunlight!! The melamine wares made by our materials are looked prettier than china and last longer!!



The ASOCA material either in granular or in powder form has the following characteristics;

  1. No additional cost on material. In reality, the material cost shall be lower as it decreases the proportion of petroleum-based resin by 20-60% depending on the product usage.
  2. No need to replace the producing machine.
  3. Made from non- edible food such as corn or potato starch. No food is wasted.
  4. Do not affect the machine functions.
  5. Tested by SGS, Certified safe with no toxin and is able to withstand temperature -20 to 140 C. Safe for food packing or containers.
  6. No need to use water resources.
  7. When using as fresh produce packing, it has a much longer shelf life, not affected by temperature or humidity.
  8. Can be recycled.


  1. One 0.3mm thick handbag in the outdoors can be completely decomposed in 3~6 months, and begins to decompose in 2 years if the same handbag is inside a building. In decomposition experiment of 127 days burying underground, the decomposition rate is over 80.6%.
  2. ASOCA becomes organic fertilizer after decomposition.


The ASOCA materials can be made into :

  1. for health care (such as eyeshade, mattress, clothes, etc…) to stimulate blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
  2. for keeping food fresh (meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits) for a longer time.
  3. ASOCA can be used in tableware, cups and containers to eliminate bad tastes from food, such as being sour, salty, bitter, and peppery hot, irritating, harsh, etc…


Food-grade accreditation

  1. ASOCA is tested by renowned inspection companies in Europe, the USA, Taiwan and China, proved to contain no lead, mercury, cadmium or plasticizer, and has no reaction of 8 heavy metals.
  2. ASOCA passes the food grade packing inspection, and is non-toxin accredited.
  3. ASOCA withstands temperatures -20~140°C, and doesn’t discharge toxin.
  4. The tableware with ASOCA under SGS test: no toxin, no plasticizer or none of 8 heavy metals is detected after 2 hours of reflux in 100°C olive oil.

Non-food, utilization of waste.


The report has photos of our products applications, the decomposition process that the plastic wastes are 95% disappeared. We are truly saving the world from plastic pollution!!


Imagine again, any nation will no longer need to spend huge expenses to clean up these waste. !!!!